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Analysis of cosmetic bottle material selection

According to the material, it can be divided into plastic, glass, and aluminum. These three materials are the most common materials for cosmetic bottles. Among them, plastic and glass are mostly used in the production of bottles, such as cream bottles, essence bottles, and set bottles. Aluminum materials are mostly used in tube products, such as lipstick tubes, mascara tubes, etc., which are light and comfortable to handle.
How to choose the material of the cosmetic bottle
First consider the attributes of the product, and then determine the materials used
For example, if you need airless bottles, you can only look for plastics. If you are in the high-end market, you have to look for glass bottles and acrylic bottles.
Consider the combination of product and packaging material costs
For example, when looking for plastic bottles, there are many categories of plastics: PET plastic, PP plastic, PETG plastic, AS plastic. When the product goes to the low-end market, acrylic and glass bottles will cause a lot of cost pressure. It can be replaced by other plastic bottle products. For example, although PP plastic is not as hard as acrylic, its transparency and hardness are still acceptable, and the most important thing is that it is cheap.
Plastic material analysis
First of all, PET cosmetic bottles, many transparent and lightweight plastic cosmetic bottles, are basically made of PET, and PET still accounts for a high proportion in the field of cosmetic bottle packaging. Secondly, acrylic cosmetic bottles, acrylic bottles look like glass, exquisite appearance, high-grade, but lower cost than glass, so they are very popular. Thirdly, PE cosmetic bottles are mainly used for packaging emulsions, which are opaque in appearance and usually white in color. Then, glass cosmetic bottles and glass cosmetic bottles have always been the main packaging forms of cosmetics, and glass cosmetic bottles meet the high-end appearance requirements of cosmetic packaging.