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Comparison of Perfume Bottle Glass Bottle Roller Type and Spray Type

Perfume bottles, glass bottles, roll-on and spray-type perfumes are classified as perfumes. Both are mixed with alcohol solution and appropriate amount of spices. Roll-on perfumes and spray perfumes have aromatic and strong aromas. Both of them can make people's spirits happy, not only enriching people's life content, but also improving people Quality of life. There is a certain difference in texture between perfume bottle and glass bottle roll-on perfume and spray perfume. Although roll-on perfume and spray perfume are both liquid, in terms of concentration, roll-on perfume should be relatively viscous. Apply roll-on perfume to After being applied to the skin, the perfume will take a while to dry, and it will feel thick and greasy when applied. Cosmetic packaging_perfume bottle glass bottle spray type perfume is relatively thin, sprayed out is a water mist-like refreshing texture.

The significant difference between the roll-on type and the spray type of the perfume bottle glass bottle is the different method of use. Roll-on perfume is relatively viscous. You need to turn the perfume bottle upside down when you use it. You can slide the roll-on on the skin until the perfume moistens the roll-on. The hot parts of the body will stimulate the fragrance of the ball perfume, so the application position of the ball perfume is on the wrist, the inner side of the elbow, and behind the ear. Spray perfume is relatively dilute. It is mainly sprayed out by the nozzle of cosmetic packaging_perfume bottle, and the sprayed perfume molecules will be scattered on the human body, or spray perfume can be sprayed directly on the desired part. Spray perfume can be used on the body, hair or clothing, while roll-on perfume is generally used on body skin.