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Glass bottle production process introduction

The main features of the glass bottle packaging container are: non-toxic, tasteless; transparent, beautiful, barrier, non-breathable, rich in raw materials, low price, and multiple turnover. And has the advantages of heat resistance, pressure, and cleaning, both high-temperature sterilization, or low temperature storage.
Glass bottle production process mainly includes:
1. Raw material pre-processing. Crushing the block raw material (quartz sand, pure base, limestone, leukite, etc.), dry the moisture raw material, and the iron-containing raw material is used to ensure the quality of the glass.
2. Completion of the complex. Glass bottle packaging
3. Melting. The glass complex is heated in the pool kiln or the pool furnace to heat, so that it is uniform, non-bubble, and conforms to the molded liquid glass.
4. Molding. Put the liquid glass into the mold to make the desired shape of glass.
5. Heat treatment. By annealing, quenching, etc., eliminate or produce stress, phase phase or crystallization of the glass, and changing the structure of the glass.