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How to clean the dropper bottle

Dropper bottles are now often used as packaging materials for lotion bottles, essential oil bottles, essence bottles and other cosmetics. Because this type of dropper bottles are more outstanding in appearance and function design, consumers use up the products inside. Later, I want to use the dropper bottle again. How should I clean the dropper bottle at this time?
Of course, the dropper bottle will not wash off the oil with only water. Use detergent to soak in water. It is recommended to use hot water or alkaline detergent. You can prepare a clean brush or makeup brush and dip it in a neutral one. Detergent or shampoo is also possible. Gently scrubbing the brush with cold water can clean the corners and corners, and then rinse with plenty of water. The dropper is to repeatedly suck the water with the cleaning agent and drip it off and then suck the water to wash it.
If the dropper bottle is to be cleaned with alcohol, use 70-75% medical alcohol, add some to the bottle and shake the bottle to allow the inner wall to fully contact the alcohol, pour it out, and repeat. Then add pure alcohol, shake the bottle, pour it out, and air dry. The function of the latter step is not to clean, but pure alcohol evaporates very quickly. This method takes away the trace residual moisture on the inner wall, which usually dries in a few minutes, which is relatively fast. If there is no alcohol or other convenient methods to clean, use pure water or distilled water, such as the bottled one, add it to the cleaned bottle, shake to wash the inner wall, discard, repeat the above steps three to five times, and then hang it upside down Let it dry, it's almost enough.
The standard of whether the dropper bottle is cleaned, the general inspection method is to look at the light, there is no drop of water hanging on the inner wall, but a uniform water film, it is clean