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Application and characteristics of aluminum plastic cover

Aluminum plastic cap is a food bottle cap, used for oral liquid, bottled infusion sealing and food packaging. The aluminum-plastic cover is an important part of food packaging, and it is also the place where consumers first come into contact with products. The aluminum-plastic lid can not only maintain the sealing of the contents, but also have the functions of anti-theft opening and safety, so it is used for bottled products. As the upstream industry of food and beverage industry, aluminum-plastic cap is a key product in bottled containers.
Aluminum-plastic caps have many advantages over plastic bottle caps. The production of aluminum caps can be mechanized and large-scale, and the production cost is low, pollution-free and recyclable. Due to the shortcomings of high processing cost, low production efficiency, poor sealing and serious environmental pollution, the aluminum anti-theft cover developed in recent years has overcome many of the above shortcomings, and its demand has increased year by year.