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Cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers explain the most complete cosmetic packaging materials (below)

Five, color printing
1. Color printing mainly includes color combination, color printing set box, manual, leaflet, poster, picture album and color printing sticker, etc. Junye Packaging Box Factory specializes in the production of customized cosmetic packaging boxes of various brands.
2. The requirements and material selection are complex. The product packaging box is also called a folding carton or a soft box. Generally, 350g single copper paper is used. According to the volume and internal weight, the cardboard of the appropriate thickness can be selected, and different grades of paper can be selected. Cardboard is used as the inner lining, which plays a role of fixing and anti-vibration, or because the container is small, the size of the product packaging box can be increased to increase the appearance of the product. The design principle of the bottom of the box is to ensure the strength and strive for simplicity, which greatly saves manual assembly. time.
3. Cosmetics box, first color printing and then laminating can make shapes of different specifications. The paper layer of color printing and lamination is single copper and aluminized paper, and different specifications of gray board paper or MDF can be used. High, it is usually matched with a hand bag, used together with blister/sponge/paper holder and silk. The cosmetic boxes produced by Junye Packaging Box Factory are practical and cost-effective.
4. The manual can choose plain paper 60g-80g or 105g and 128g, 157g coated paper, leaflets, posters or picture albums generally use more than 105g coated paper.
5. For printing self-adhesive, you can choose coated paper and self-adhesive materials of various materials, silver aluminum paper or transparent PVC and other materials.
6. In order to ensure the design effect, and to have real samples for comparison when color printing and documenting, computer proofing can be carried out first when outputting film, and fees will be charged according to color and size.
7. The process and appearance effects of color-printed soft boxes include surface polishing or gloss glue, matte glue, laser film, bronzing silver and bump effect, beer, stick box forming or bonding PVC film (also known as open window) and thermal, color onion technology, uv effect, etc.
8. Thermal embossing process, after printing, there is no need for embossing to have obvious three-dimensional effect, thermal embossing powder has fluorescent, matte and various color effects, color onion process (more used in greeting cards)
9. The laser has two colors of silver card and gold card, which can be made into rainbow and partial hologram laminated card, which has a very high anti-counterfeiting effect.
10. The frosting process is suitable for aluminized film and aluminum foil paper. The process features have a strong sense of metal, harmonious and noble colors, comfortable hand feel, and can also be used for metal etching.
11. Color printing charging standards and features:
A) Design, electrical output, proofing, and calculation according to P;
B) The minimum consumption of color printing startup fee, reasonable typesetting and increasing printing volume can reduce the unit price.
C) Determine the impact of related costs according to the number and difficulty of the post-process, such as glaze glue, nail riding, folding, line pressing and glue, all have corresponding charging standards and minimum consumption.
12. The production cycle generally takes 13-25 days for color printing. Depending on the difficulty of the craftsmanship, the cosmetic set box should appropriately increase the working day. If the set box needs to be mounted, too much glue is used, and the delivery time will also be affected by the weather.
13. Notes:
A) In order to avoid the large deviation between the finished product and the design color sample, the proofing should be confirmed when printing on the machine and used as the quality inspection standard;
B) The folding method of the manual should be clear and unified, and the transport packaging of color printing should be explained. If it is a set box, it can be considered for secondary use;
C) The hand bag can be designed to be open on one side and on both sides, which can save costs in both printing and film production;
D) The printing volume refers to the weight of the paper rather than the number of finished products after printing. If the size of the manual is small, a larger quantity is required to be regarded as the economic order quantity;
E) The design should meet the requirements of color printing specifications. For example, the bronzing film should have a negative film, and other positive films, and the composition should be adapted to the printing characteristics.
14. If the production quantity is small and cannot meet the minimum printing or economical order quantity, the box can be mounted directly through the color paper effect in order to reduce the cost.