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Cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers talk about the comparison and reconciliation of packaging styling skills (1)

Contrast is to use the different parts of a certain factor in the modeling to organize them together to produce contrast relationships of different degrees. Packaging container shape design can be divided into several contrast and harmonizing factors such as line type, volume, space, texture and so on.

1. Contrast and harmony of line types

The line is the basic element of the shape of the object. The so-called line type in container design mainly refers to the outer contour line of the shape, which constitutes the shape of the shape. The contour line of the model determines the basic model of the model. The lines are divided into horizontal lines, vertical lines, arcs, curves and so on.

The line type can be divided into two categories: curve and straight line, but the changes are endless. Each line type can represent a kind of emotional factor, and the correct use of the relationship between contrast and harmony is the key factor of modeling.

The single line type without contrast makes people feel monotonous, and the two types of lines are organized together to pay attention to the master-slave relationship. The main line type is larger and more prominent than the important line type. The secondary line type must play a role as an auxiliary foil. Have the main theme and personality.

The line shape also directly affects the function of the product. For example, the line shape of the spout of a hip flask directly affects the flow rate and fixed point of the wine. The mouth of a teacup with reasonable function has subtle extraversion, which is designed to conform to human tactile feeling and the nature of water flow.

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2. Contrast and harmony of volume

The volume is the volume and weight of the shape. The line type is to use a plane view to solve the contrast relationship between the contour lines of the modeling, and the volume is to use a three-dimensional view to study the contrast relationship between the volume and the sense of volume. Contrast of volume is an indispensable artistic method for modeling. Appropriate use can highlight the sense of volume and form characteristics of the main parts of the body, making it more distinctive and intriguing.

For example, the wine bottle type uses the shortening of the neck to protrude the body in the processing of the volume, so that the volume of the short neck, the volume of the small bottom and the volume of the full abdomen form a strong contrast. Some models use repeated techniques with the main body to create a contrast in volume.

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