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Cosmetic packaging manufacturers introduce how to properly store cosmetics (1)

"A lot of cosmetics have expired before they are used, and they are reluctant to throw them away and dare not use them." When many female friends encounter some promotional activities, their hands naturally can't stop, and they always "buy, buy, buy", often accumulating a table After the cosmetics have expired, it doesn't help that they have expired. "The preservation of cosmetics is also a knowledge." Improperly stored cosmetics can lead to skin allergies, poisoning and other phenomena. Consumers should understand the correct preservation method of cosmetics.

What does the word "shelf life" stand for?

The shelf life literally refers to the shelf life of the product, so most people will default to the shelf life as the only criterion for whether the product has deteriorated, and once the shelf life expires, the product will be classified as a spoiled item and discarded. but it is not the truth. The actual meaning of the shelf life refers to the best use period of the product, which means that the product is the freshest and most suitable for use within this time interval, but it does not mean that it will deteriorate after this time.

Generally, there is usually a product detail label on the outside of the "European" cosmetic package, and a small jar with an open lid is printed with words such as "6M" and "12M". These words represent that the shelf life of cosmetics after opening is 6 months or 12 months, rather than the time from production to expiration, which means that the shelf life is calculated from the day it is opened, not from the production date. But most of our domestic cosmetics will directly indicate the production date, shelf life and even expiration time.