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Cosmetic packaging manufacturers introduce how to properly store cosmetics (2)

How to properly store cosmetics?

Cosmetics should not be exposed to sunlight, and should not be stored in direct sunlight or light. Exposure to light will cause the moisture of cosmetics to evaporate, and some ingredients will lose their effectiveness. UV irradiation will cause chemical changes to some of the ingredients, resulting in dry shrinkage of the paste, separation of oil and water, etc., which affect the original efficacy and even cause adverse reactions.

Cosmetics are afraid of cold and heat. If the cosmetics are kept outdoors in the cold for a long time, the cosmetics will freeze and crack, and the oil and water will separate after thawing, the texture will become thicker, and the skin will be irritated when used. Overheating will have an impact on the stability of the cosmetic, it is easy to cause the loss of moisture or alcohol in the cosmetic, and may also cause water separation and deterioration.

Avoid moisture in cosmetics: Many people like to put cosmetics on the washbasin and expose them to humid environments for a long time. Some cosmetics contain protein, which is prone to mildew after getting wet. If the packaging is in a glass bottle with an iron cover, the iron cover will easily rust after being damp, which will corrode the cosmetics and make them deteriorate.

Avoid contamination of cosmetics: After using cosmetics, you must tighten the bottle cap in time, and pay attention to hand hygiene when taking it.
Expired cosmetics can be reused

Cosmetics have expired, and they dare not use them and throw them away. This is also the practice of many people. In fact, if you dare not use cosmetics after the expiration date and are reluctant to throw them away, you can try recycling them. Some lotions contain alcohol, which can still be used to wipe desks and computer screens after expiration. Most creams contain a lot of emollients, which can be used to maintain leather goods and bags. The facial cleanser contains cleaning ingredients, which can be used to clean clothes and shoes in an emergency