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Cosmetic packaging plastic cover introduction

Plastic cover is an important part of daily chemical and food packaging, and it is also the first place consumers come into contact with products. The plastic cover has the function of keeping the contents of the product airtight, and also has the functions of anti-theft opening and safety, so it is widely used in the packaging products of daily chemicals, food, beverage, wine, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry!
The screw cap is mainly connected and sealed by rotating the screw structure of the cover itself and the screw structure of the container. Benefiting from the advantages of the threaded structure, when the screw cap is tightened, a relatively large axial force can be generated through the engagement between the threads, which can easily realize the self-locking function and has a strong sealing performance. Generally, products with high sealing requirements are sealed with screw caps.
Features of screw cap: Tighten or loosen the cap by rotating the cap
Advantages: strong self-locking ability, the cover is not easy to be pulled out
The axial force of the cover is uniform, which is conducive to sealing.
The most important thing is that as long as it is a manufacturer of plastic caps, it can basically produce screw caps. Example: Foshan Yuanchuang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. can not only produce screw caps and flip caps, but also special packaging plastic caps such as mother-in-law caps, vibrating eye cream caps, ball caps, double-layer combined caps, anodized aluminum caps, Acrylic cover and various functional head cover, etc.
Since the development of plastic caps, its role is no longer limited to packaging and sealing. More often, major brands are more inclined to select or design and produce new and peculiar caps that are rare or absent in the market to highlight their brand characteristics. And the new and peculiar cover type is no longer controlled by the single-layer screw cap, so the double-layer or even multi-layer combination screw cap has been developed in the follow-up.