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Does perfume evaporate without a cap?

Perfume is inherently volatile, even if there is a lid, it will volatilize. Without a lid, the volatilization speed will be faster, after all, the area where it contacts the air is too large. The storage of perfume is very important, otherwise it is very volatile and disappears.
Perfume is made of many spices. The proportion of spices used in perfume is different, and the speed of volatilization is also different. But no matter what kind of perfume basically volatilizes, this is a normal phenomenon.
The cap of the perfume bottle does protect the perfume. If there is no cap, the volatilization rate of the perfume may be a little faster. After all, the contact area between the perfume and the air becomes larger, and the space for it to volatilize is also larger.
When storing perfume, you must master certain skills. It is best to cover the lid of the perfume, and then put it upside down, which can slow down the speed of volatilization.
In addition, the perfume cannot be placed in an environment where the temperature is too high, and it cannot withstand direct sunlight. Usually, the perfume must be placed in a cool, dark place, which can better protect the perfume.
Perfume should be filled as much as possible. If a bottle of perfume has been used a lot, you can move the perfume into a smaller bottle and keep the remaining perfume full to reduce the air in the bottle, thereby reducing the oxidation effect of the air on the perfume. .