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How to sterilize cosmetic plastic bottles

Cosmetic plastic bottles are widely used in comparison, because both men, women and children are more enthusiastic about skin care products, so the use of cosmetic plastic bottles is becoming more and more extensive. What should we do with this plastic bottle? What about sterilizing to keep plastic bottles clean and hygienic?
How do we sterilize cosmetic plastic bottles:
1. Wash the bottle with facial cleanser or other lotion first.
2. If it is a glass bottle, it can be sterilized by scalding it with boiling water.
3. If it is a plastic bottle, it can be disinfected with a clean cotton swab dipped in medical alcohol.
4. You can purchase a special ultraviolet disinfection machine for disinfection.
5. Add a little salt or baking soda, add hot water, let stand for a few hours, rinse with warm water.
6. Then pour alcohol or hydrogen peroxide into the bottle for disinfection.