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How to use a vacuum spray bottle over and over again

If you want to use the vacuum spray bottle repeatedly, you can use a relatively hard thing to hold the tray all the way to the bottom. You need to find a hard wooden stick that is longer than the bottle and a little thinner than the bottle, and then align it with the tray and push it down. Remember not to block the small hole at the bottom of the bottle, just use a little force.
The vacuum spray bottle will isolate the gas from some things in the outside world, and also block external bacteria. Because it can be completely isolated from the air, it can avoid the deterioration of the items inside and the breeding of bacteria. The vacuum spray bottle is a high-tech product that has been widely used in recent years.
Regular spray bottles are very common in the market and are relatively inexpensive. But compared with the vacuum spray bottle, the main difference is the sealing. The sealing of the vacuum spray bottle is quite good. But ordinary spray bottles can be opened at any time, so the seal is relatively poor. Generally, vacuum spray bottles are used to hold some more expensive substances.
Both the vacuum spray bottle and the ordinary spray bottle are in the shape of a cylinder, but there will be a piston under the vacuum spray bottle. This piston can contract like a spring, so it will block air from entering the bottle, so that the bottle is completely in a vacuum state. The production process of each vacuum spray bottle is very high, because experts supervise the vacuum spray bottle Powerful.
Vacuum spray bottles are generally used to hold cosmetics, which can completely isolate cosmetics from some external bacteria. This avoids the deterioration of cosmetics, and it is very safe to apply again, and it also avoids any impact on the skin. Many women use liquid foundation, and if you look closely, the bottles of liquid foundation are all vacuum-packed.
The vacuum spray bottle is very suitable for holding perfume, because if the perfume is not stored in a sealed environment, the aroma will gradually fade, and the perfume will get dust and stick to people's skin when spraying the perfume. In addition, the vacuum spray bottle is also very suitable for holding toner, which avoids the pollution of the toner, and also prevents the toner from volatilizing.