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Introduction to the production process of plastic cosmetic caps

Generally speaking, the production process of plastic cosmetic caps can be roughly divided into two types: compression molding cosmetic cap production process and injection molding bottle cap production process. Nuts serve two purposes. One is moisture resistance. As an integral part of the plastic bottle packaging, the desiccant in the screw cap can absorb the water vapor in the bottle, keep the environment inside the bottle stable, and prevent the medicine from getting wet. The second is to seal and protect the contents, which is also the basic function of the bottle cap. At present, screw cap plastic bottle caps are used in different pharmaceutical packaging, which also accelerates the development of pharmaceutical packaging.
The production process of the compression molding cover: the suction machine sucks the mixed material into the barrel of the compression molding machine. After the barrel is heated to a semi-molten plasticized state, it is quantitatively extruded into the mold cavity, and the upper and lower molds are closed. Carry out compression molding, cooling and setting, demoulding, and then ring cutting and padding to complete the production of formed bottle caps.
Injection molding cover production process: The suction machine sucks the mixture into the barrel of the injection molding machine, and after heating it to a molten and plasticized state in the barrel, it is injected into the mold cavity to cool and shape. Cavity, demolding and injection into mold cavities. After the perimeter is cut and filled, the production of the injection-molded cap is complete.