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The advantages of choosing aluminum bottles and cans

1. Convenience: Now aluminum cans are easy to store and carry because of their light weight.
2. Conducive to environmental protection: waste aluminum cans can be processed into aluminum ingots, and then made into aluminum cans. Therefore, it is a very environmentally friendly container material. In addition, most aluminum cans use a push-down safety pull ring, which is safer when opening beverages, and does not need to discard the pull ring and cause environmental pollution.
3. High airtightness: Due to the airtightness of easy-open cans, it is easier to preserve the flavor of beverages than general packaging materials. Aluminum cans are used for beverage packaging for refrigeration and normal temperature storage, not designed for heating, especially aluminum containing carbon dioxide. Canned beverages cannot be directly heated for drinking. The barrier properties of packaging containers to air and other volatile gases are very important for the preservation of nutritional content and sensory quality. Comparison of various juice packaging containers proves that the oxygen transmission rate of the container directly affects the browning of the juice and the preservation of vitamin C; the preservation of vitamin C in metal cans, glass bottles, and aluminum foil glue layers and cartons with low oxygen transmission rate It is better, and it is better to use a tin can. Regarding canned beverages, why should we divide iron and aluminum cans? Beverages are divided into acidic and low-acid products, with pH 4.6 as the boundary. Low-acid products such as coffee, tea, and milk tea must be sterilized in a sterilizer, and must be sturdy by tinplate. Support is used to resist compression; therefore, iron cans are mostly used for low acidity. Acidic products such as soft drinks, juices, etc. can be directly charged with aluminum cans, but the aluminum cans are too soft and must be supported by nitrogen. Recently, there are also a small amount of products that can be filled with nitrogen and can be put into the sterilizer. But generally, what is the difference between the above-mentioned aluminum foil packs and tin cans and aluminum cans? Often eating aluminum foil packaging will affect the nervous system. Eating, drinking and having fun is very convenient in Taiwan, but for the sake of convenience, after the enjoyment, an amazing amount of garbage is produced by the way. In terms of beverages, in addition to valuable waste such as PET bottles and tin cans, which can be recycled, a considerable number of plastic bottles and aluminum foil bags have been discarded. The overall shape is ingenious and pressure-resistant, and the aluminum foil bag (Tetra Pak) that can be thrown away after drinking accounts for more than 60% of all beverages in fresh supermarkets and other stores. Coupled with the low price, like paper packaging, it makes people mistakenly think that it is environmentally friendly. In fact, the material of the aluminum foil package is not only made of paper, but is composed of one layer of aluminum foil, two layers of paper, and four layers of plastic. A foil pack requires a total of seven layers of packaging material to make, so it's no wonder it doesn't leak.