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The main process of cosmetic packaging material development

1. The packaging material project is determined, and the company's marketing department or business department is responsible for communication with customers and market research. The marketing department will issue a new packaging material development order according to the customer's requirements.
2. To get such an order, engineers need to review the development order in the early stage. This is very important. Careful evaluation in the early stage can prevent and avoid many unnecessary troubles in the later stage, and play a role in the smooth progress of new product development. decisive role.
3. After the evaluation is completed, it is necessary to formulate a development plan and progress control. Including drawing design, prototype production, mold making, mold trial, mold repair, improvement, production standard book, QC standard book, production sample determination to follow-up time arrangement from start time to specific end time
4. There are two main parts of product structure design. 3D modeling of appearance is carried out according to requirements, and appearance prototype production is required. After confirming the appearance, the design of the internal structure is carried out. The order of these two steps cannot be reversed. From outside to inside.
After the structure of the packaging material is designed, it needs to be reviewed. Because of the limitations of individual ability and thinking, the designed product structure may not meet the requirements, so brainstorming is very important.
5. Before the mold is opened, the board is released. On the one hand, the feasibility of the design is reviewed, and on the other hand, the customer can experience the product in advance and reduce the risk of mold opening. The cost of the mold can be large or small.
6. Mold follow-up, which is the first mold trial for review. Including: single bottle, single cap, or single accessory inspection, the main inspection process of a single inspection is for defects, such as product shrinkage, strain, lack of glue, excessive glue, drape, deformation, bright surface caused by poor exhaust, etc. Wait.
After a single one is qualified, check whether there are any defects after 2 or multiple accessories are assembled together. The appearance depends on whether the fit meets the design requirements, and the internal mainly depends on whether it is difficult to assemble, or whether it is tight, or whether it is screwed, buckled, etc.
7. The prototype is also the process of making the board. This is different from the prototype. This is used by the customer to confirm before the trial production. The main function of the sample is to check whether the product can meet the requirements of the customer, and the other is to check the feasibility of the product trial production through the process of proofing.
8. Trial production, release QC standards, production standards, procurement standards for required raw materials or accessories, that is, larger companies will have internal new product package announcements. The Quality Department, Production Department, and Purchasing Department must each formulate their own set of standards for this product.