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What kind of garbage do cosmetic bottle caps belong to?

Cosmetic bottle caps are recyclable waste. The bottles are mainly made of glass, plastic and other materials, so the empty bottles after cosmetic use are recyclable garbage.
If it is not used cleanly, the remaining makeup can be washed off and put in the recyclable trash can. Recyclable garbage refers to waste paper, waste plastics, waste glass products, waste metals, waste fabrics and other reasonably recyclable and recyclable domestic wastes.
Recyclable garbage mainly includes soy sauce bottles, glass bottles, flat glass, cans, beverage bottles, shampoo bottles, plastic toys, books, newspapers, leaflets, cardboard boxes, clothes, bedding and other recyclable items.
Input requirements: clean and dry lightly to avoid pollution, please use paper to flatten the three-dimensional packaging as much as possible, empty the contents, clean and smash the sharp edges and corners, and wrap the packaging.