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Introduction to Glass Bottles of Cosmetic Packaging Material Knowledge

Glass bottles used in cosmetics are mainly divided into: skin care products (creams, lotions), perfumes, essential oils, and nail polishes. The capacity is small, and the capacity larger than 200ml is rarely used in cosmetics. Glass bottles are divided into wide-mouthed bottles and narrow-mouthed bottles. For solid pastes, a wide-mouthed bottle is generally used. It should be equipped with aluminum or plastic caps. The caps can be used for color spraying and other effects; emulsion or liquid cream The body generally uses a narrow-mouth bottle, preferably with a pump head. If the cap is equipped with an inner plug, the liquid is equipped with a small hole with the same inner plug, and a thicker emulsion is equipped with a large hole inner plug.
The uneven thickness of the glass bottle can easily lead to damage, or it is easy to be squeezed by the contents under severe cold conditions. The reasonable capacity should be tested during filling. The transportation should be carried by paper and separated separately. The product should be equipped with The color box, the inner support and the middle box can be more anti-vibration effect.
Commonly used glass bottles are usually in stock, such as essential oil bottles, ordinary transparent or frosted bottles Essential oil bottles are usually made of brown or colored and colored matte, which can avoid light. The lid has a safety ring and can be equipped with an inner plug or a dropper. The perfume bottle is usually equipped with an exquisite spray pump head or a plastic cap.