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Packaging materials for plastic cream bottles

Cream bottle + outer cover, PP, PETG materials commonly used in injection cream bottle bodies (new materials, transparency, no need to add an inner liner, but there are double layers, to save costs), acrylic (this product has good transparency, general To add an inner tank, can not paste directly, the body of the bottle will crack), ABS material (this material is used for electroplating parts, easy to color), the cover is mostly made of PP material, inner cover PP+ outer cover acrylic or electroplating outer cover or anodized aluminum Outer cover or fuel injection cover

Bottle body: PP and ABS bottles use solid colors, PETG materials and acrylic bottles mostly use transparent colors,
It has a sense of transparency, and the acrylic bottle wall is mostly sprayed with color, which can refract light and have a good effect.
Printing: The bottle body can be silk-screened, gold-plated, and silver-plated. The inner cover of the double-layer cover can be silk-screened, and the outer cover is transparent and shows the effect. The outer cover is made of anodized aluminum, which can strike a convex logo.