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Talking about the quality requirements of cosmetic packaging materials (1)

Cosmetic packaging materials are divided into internal packaging and outsourcing, and can also be divided into soft packaging and hard packaging. The quality of packaging materials directly determines the brand image of the product. Therefore, I specially focus on packaging materials and integrate the needs and standards of different packaging materials procurement users to talk about The basic quality requirements are for your reference:
First. Basic requirements for containers and packaging materials for containers:
1. bottle
The body of the bottle should be stable, the surface should be smooth, the thickness of the bottle wall should be basically uniform, there should be no obvious scars, deformation, and there should be no cold bursts and cracks. The bottle mouth should be straight and smooth, no burrs (burrs) should be used, and the thread and bayonet fitting structure should be intact and straight. The fit between the bottle and the cap should be tight, with no slippery teeth, loosening, and no leakage. The inside and outside of the bottle should be clean.
2. Hose
The body of the hose should be smooth, tidy, uniform in thickness, without obvious scratches, and uniform in color. The sealing of the hose should be firm and correct, and there should be no openings or wrinkles (except for the normal indentation of the mold). The composite membrane of the hose should not float.
3. Lid
Inner cover: The inner cover should be complete, smooth, clean and not deformed. The inner cap should fit well with the bottle and outer cap. The inner cover should not leak out.
Outer cover: The outer cover should be straight, smooth, free from cracks, burrs (burrs). The color of the outer cover should be uniform. The thread matching structure of the outer cover should be intact. The color of the outer cover with anodized aluminum or bronzing should be uniform. Flip-type outer cover should be flipped up flexibly, and the connecting part
There is no break in the position. The fit between the cap and the bottle should be tight, without slippery teeth or looseness.
4. Spray cans.
The tank body is flat, free of rust spots, smooth welding seam, no obvious scratches or concave tank phenomenon, and the color and luster should be uniform. The roll mouth of the spray can should be smooth and free of wrinkles, cracks and deformation. The lid of the spray can shall meet the requirements of 5.3.2.
5. Nozzle.
The nozzle should be upright, clean, and free from damage and cracks. The assembly parts of the nozzle should be intact to ensure the smooth flow of the spray at night.
Second, the basic quality requirements of flexible packaging.