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The advantages of perfume bottle glass bottle packaging

Perfume bottles are not like other packaging products, the packaging only occupies a small part of it. Perfume bottles are more to carry the brand culture and connotation of perfume, which makes perfume bottles need to consider more elements in design and production.

The most common packaging for perfume bottles should be glass bottles. Perfume bottle glass almost occupies most of the market space of perfume bottle packaging. Perfume glass bottle packaging has several advantages:

1. The perfume glass bottle is exquisite and the style is high, which is consistent with the price positioning of perfume consumption;

2. Perfume glass bottles have better sealing performance, reducing the problems caused by perfume volatilization;

3. Perfume glass bottles can be packaged with high temperature resistance, and can maintain the stability of the material in high temperature environments, such as in automobiles.