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What is the purpose of the cream bottle?

Cream bottle is a bottle for holding cream. Cream bottle: a porcelain bottle containing cream. In the Jingtai period of the Ming Dynasty, a kind of porcelain vase was popular, called the "cream bottle". Its shape was like a normal porcelain bottle, but the bottle had a lid and a lifting ring on the lid. The bottom is round.

Creams in glass bottles cannot be put in a bottle, because the cream itself is a very viscous liquid, so creams packed in bottles cannot be put together, because different brands of creams cannot be put in one bottle. So if there is very little cream in the sub-bottle, it can be put together.
The cream bottle has a fresh-keeping effect, which can effectively prevent the deterioration of the product during transportation, storage and use. At the same time, the fresh-keeping feature of the cream jar makes it suitable for the preservation of various foods and can solve the problem of product The phenomenon of deterioration during preservation. Cream bottle is a container used to hold cream, generally made of metal or glass, used to hold cream and powder cream. Cream bottle use Cream bottle is generally used to hold creams, creams, liquids, oils, emulsifiers, flavors, cosmetics and other pastes to make it moisture-proof and dust-proof. General classification of cream bottles: According to the material classification of cream bottles, cream bottles can be divided into two types: aluminum alloy and plastic. The cream bottle is characterized by good moisture-proof and dust-proof effect, and can store the product well. Cream bottles are used to store medicines. It can be used to store cosmetics, skin care products, face and body protection products. The general purpose of cream bottle is to store cosmetics, daily protection and other products
The main purpose is: the cream bottle is unique for the user to use the cream, mainly for the following purposes; the cream bottle is generally made of aluminum, mainly used for the preparation of cream, the cream bottle can be used directly or For production of other processes